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Air heater for wood burning

Air heater for wood burning

Air heater for wood burning
Four models are available: GPTEMD30E, GPTEMD30C, GPTEMD60E, GPTEMD60C.
Greenpower-Heating for wood. (Combustion for pellets can be attached, depending on type of connected model.)

Each model is manufactured in stainless steel and equipped with a great combustion chamber. The fan is connected to a rotating exhaust which is attachable to a channel connection. Air flow is 2500 to 9500 m³/h.

Refilling the chamber can be done via a hatch (350 x 350 mm). You will find that you get easy accesability to a large retractable ash tray of at the bottom of the heater. The ash tray also works as an air-intake which is also adjustable.

Attach the chimney at the back of the heater. You can install the heater to an already existing chimney or use our isolated chimney- delivered in sections of 0.5 and 1 m. The heaters are certified in 98/37CE, 73/23CEE och 89/336CEE.

The product can also be suplemented with a centrifugal fan, this will result in an extra charge.

Area of heating* 30-150 m² 150-400 m²
Effect 34.8 kW
30.000 kcal/h
69.76 kW
60.000 kcal/h
Air flow 2500 m³/h 5000 m³/h
Pressure Pa 80 80/80
Exhaust ø 440 ø 440
Sound fan, Max dB 80 dB 82/71
Fan 0.44 kW, 230 V, 50 Hz 0.55 kW, 230 V, 50 Hz
Chimney attachment Ø150 mm Ø200 mm
Hatch opening 350×350 mm 350×350 mm
Combustion chamber** Ø450 mm, Height 700 mm Ø620 mm, Height 850 mm
Volume 110 liter 250 liter
Size (W×H×D) 630×1950×900 mm 860×2300×1390 (60C: 1440) mm
Weight 130 kg 255 kg
* Depending on the covering of the room
 ** Cylindrical shape

A boiler with the option image shows extra equipment such as pellet connection, on-air connection, air duct and part of the chimney.

1 Roof hood, 2 spigot, 3 Framework, 4 Stainless steel combustion chamber, 5 Heat exchanger, 6 Fan protection, 7 Fan cover, 8 Hole, 9 Ash box, 10 Insulated reflector plate, 11 Cover flap, 12 Thermostat, 13 Motor protection.
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