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Security Cameras & wildlife camera day and night 120° 12MP 20 meters

Security Cameras & wildlife camera day and night 120° 12MP 20 meters
Surveillance camera that gives you the best possible camera surveillance. Below you will find our best-selling surveillance camera, completely complete and with superior image quality. Ideal for monitoring unwelcome visitors or monitoring the workplace at the end of the day.
   Night vision cameras for surveillance of property or wildlife.
   Images or movies are saved to memory cards at set times or directly when something is moving in front of the camera.
   Built-in color display for managing images directly in the camera.

Important features

1 wide angle motion sensor for a wide view for early detection show up to 20m.
120 degree wide angle lens looks more in the picture.
0.85 second response time from seeing motion to record the first image.
Powerful invisible flash with No-Glow Infra red LEDs to see up to 20m at night.
View images via internal color screen, USB, SD card or TV out.
Password protection.

Digital camera specifications

Photography size from 1 to 12 megapixels.
Video size from 320 x 240P to 1280x720P.
Video length from 1 to 30 seconds.
Capture photography, video clips, or both.

Special features

Multi Photo capture data up to 3 images
Camera cool down function adjustable from 1 second to 60 min
Low settings perfect for both security and higher settings perfectly reduce repetitive.
Photographs for livestock surveillance in high-traffic areas.
Multi image option allows 1-3 images
The timer function allows the camera to operate only at certain times of the day.

Technical data
Picture 12 Mega Pixels color CMOS
Lens FOV = 120°;
Auto IR-Cut
IR flash

20 meters / 65 ft (invisible flash,
No glow LEDs)

LCD display

48x35.69mm (2.36 ");
16.7 m colors

Operation keypad 6 Keys
Memory SD card (8MB ~ 32GB)
Image size (pixels) 12MP = 4000 x 3000;
5MP = 2560 x 1920;
Video size 1280x720p: 30fps;
720 x 480: 20 fps;
640 x 480: 20 fps;
320 x 240: 20 fps
PIR sensor (operating) sensitivity High / Normal / Low
PIR sensor Distance

20m / 65ft (On the normal
sensitivity and
temperature is below 25°C/77°F)

Central PIR sensing angle 140°
Operating mode Day/Night
Trigger Time

0.85 Others (when you
uses the 2G SD card)

Trigger intervals

0 to 60min;

Photo View Zoom 1 ~ 8 Times
Timestamp On off; Includes serial no
Timer On off; Timer Set
Password protection 4 Digit code
Device serial no 4 Characters alphanumeric
Time Delay 1 Other ~ 24 hours
Sound On off
Menu Language

English / Chinese / French /
Norwegian / Deutsch / Spanish /
Portuguese / Japanese / Russian

Power supply 4xAA; Expandable to 8 or 12 AA
Stand-by power 0.4 mA
Standby time

A maximum of 3, 6 or 9 months
(with 4, 8 or 12 AA battery)

Automatic shutdown

automatic shutdown
for 2 minutes at the same time no keypad

Power consumption when
it is activated by movement

150mA (+500mA When IR LED lights)

TV output (NTSC); USB;
SD card slot; 6V DC external

Mounting Strap; Tripod nail
Waterproof IP54
Operating temperature -30 till 70°C (-22 till 158°F)
Operating humidity 5% ~ 95%
Certificate FCC & CE & RoHS

  • Security Cameras & wildlife camera day and night 120° 12MP 20 meters
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    Security Cameras & wildlife camera day and night 120° 12MP 20 meters
    176.00 EUR
    176.00 EUR
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