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Spray Swingfog heat dimming unit

Spray Swingfog heat dimming unit
Swingtec heat sink units ensure maximum efficiency and excellent dispersion and penetration. With minimal amounts of chemicals, optimal distribution and coverage, even in hard-to-reach areas, can be achieved.
Under foliage there are also no drops that can contaminate the turf and the chemical residues that occur will be reduced more quickly. Heat fumes for plant protection and rehabilitation in greenhouses and industry.
Available in several models call for more information.

Technical data
Fuel chamber / power: 18.7 kW - 25.4hp - 16100 kcal / h
Fuel consumption: 2 liters / h
Chemical tank: 6.5 liters
Consumption dosage: Ø0.7 10l / h, Ø0.8 14l / h, Ø0.9 17.5l / h, (Ø1.0 20.5l / h included), Ø1,1 23.5l / h, Ø1,2 27l / h, Ø1,4 32l / h, Ø1,7 42l / h
Sound level: 95 dB (A), with attenuator 90 dB (A)
Fuel pressure overpressure: about 0.08 bar
Dimensions: approx. 130x29x32 mm
Empty weight: 7.9Kg
  • Spray Swingfog heat dimming unit
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    Spray Swingfog heat dimming unit
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    1 370.00 EUR
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