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Air heat exchanger S550 60000 Kcal/69kW  

Air heat exchanger S550 60000 Kcal/69kW
Heat exchanger with integral ventilation fan of copper/aluminum elements on each side, depending on its size.
This combination provides an optimal solution for hydronic heating, ventilation. For installation in industrial premises, garages, sheds and greenhouses with plant production.
The jet-fan was developed to transfer the heat, produced by an external water boiler to the air passing through the special copper/aluminium exchangers.The fan can efficiently distribute the hot air in the surrounding space both directly and through canalization. It is characterized by a sturdy steel wallhousing with two water/air heat exchangers and axial electric fan for air diffusion. F-OTB was specially developed to solve heating, ventilation, air circulation and humidity problems in agricultural and industrial environments where it is important to maintain steady conditions.

Six panels directly driven propeller in aluminum alloy, designed for high air flow and low noise.
Three-phase electric motor, six-pin, IP55 Class "F".
Airflow stabilizer in a flexible output.
Air intake closure controlled by a servo motor.
Framework to fix the fan on the wall on the intake side.
Two water elements in copper/aluminum fixed to the sides. Threaded water pipe for pipe connections.
Two connection boxes for electric motor and servo motor.
Easy access to all internal parts for maintenance and cleaning.

Data Model
 Power 69 kW
  60.000 Kcal
Water flow rate 6.000 l / h
 Element batteries 2
Frontal radiator surface area 30,25 dm²
 Pipe R32
 Air circulation
 Fan revolution
1.380 rpm
Fan motor power 0,5 kW
 Voltage 400 Volts
 Weight 68 kg
 Length A
1075 mm
 Width B
655 mm
 Height C
655 mm
 Diameter D
480 mm
Pressure drop through radiators 0,86m/H²O
Noise level at 5 m 53dB(A)

Table calculated on the following values
Incoming temperature +75°C, Return outlet temperature of +65°C, inlet air temperature 15°C

  • Air heat exchanger S550 60000 Kcal/69kW
    Art. nr.
    Air heat exchanger S550 60000 Kcal/69kW
    2 820.00 EUR
    2 820.00 EUR
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