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Fountain 0.5 Hp 220V 2.2 Amp 480W 38cm >1300m²  

Fountain 0.5 Hp 220V 2.2 Amp 480W 38cm >1300m²
Fountain oxygenates your lake and prevents the formation of algae.  It has become a growing global trend to install the oxygenator in underwater model, or together with fountain in ponds or lakes where the depth does not amount to 5m. One of the main reason for this is that oxygenerators create very good vertical circulation to add oxygen to the water. This circulation is very important maintain an ecological balance which in turn provides optimum water quality.

Kasco fountains are of high quality and come at a very competitive price.
Designed with sturdy and stainless steel components to increase engine life and minimizing corrosion (even in salt water!). Designed to withstand continuous operation with minimum maintenance.  The fountains are equipped with technology that enables them to prevent algae formation, not even in shallow water. Warranty for 2 years.

Product Features

  • Cost effective: Compared with other systems of the same strength class it is impressively cheap. 
  • Energy efficient: Low amperage requirements means low operating costs.
  • Warranty: 2-year warranty on the device and cabling.

The unit comes more or less assembled. You only need to install the fountain unit on the float. Depending on the unit's output and the selected pattern piece however, it is possible to further assembly is required before operating.FörankringFörtöjning



All hardware comes included and the float can be attached either by mooring (Figure 1) or anchoring (Figure 2).

Depending on the desired look of the fountain, select nozzle. The effect on the engine affects the power, but not the appearance. In the table below, you can see which nozzles fit into the engine. See also pictures representing different nozzles to facilitate your choice. 2400EJFwith 1/2hp,50Hz,1phase. 
208-240V, 50 Hz.
5 interchangeable nozzles to give you 5 fountain patterns.
The patterns vary from 1.6m in height to 3.9m in diameter.
10 meter cord or stub cord energy alternative.

2400EJF is available with>5different nozzles:

Make your choice
Cypress Juniper Linden
cypress juniper linden
Sequoia Willow
sequoia willow



  • Fountain 0.5 Hp 220V 2.2 Amp 480W 38cm >1300m²
    Art. nr.
    Fountain 0.5 Hp 220V 2.2 Amp 480W 38cm >1300m²
    2 588.00 EUR
    2 588.00 EUR
    Type the desired nozzle :
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