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Gas powered weed burner  

Gas powered weed burner
The TLX2060B weed burner with dual burner head is a professional weed burner for the removal of all of your unwanted weeds. Because the burner is fitted with a double header, you can work quickly. You have a broad scope and by quietly walking the weeds are heated through which the cells burst and then the weeds dry out and die. THE CFH GT8000 features an ergonomic handle with control in order to set the desired flame. Want to get him put away, you can easily restore it, the pilot light or turn it off completely. Go weeds attacked with this professional weed burner.

LPG combustion of weeds and undesirable vegetation.
The TLX2060B is a very popular tool for maintaining surfaces such as roads, walkways, sidewalks and other surfaces.
Easy-to-handle burner with hand control, armrest and protective cover.
Supplied with 5m hose excluding safety valve.

Technical data
Gas: Liquid Propane on tube (equivalent gas used for the barbecue or caravan.)
Capacity: approx. 11kW
Working width: approx. 30cm
Weight: 2kg
Capacity: approx. 300m2/hour
Certified: CE

  • Gas powered weed burner
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    Gas powered weed burner 
    130.00 EUR
    130.00 EUR
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