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Water flow programmer, capacity 2.2m³/h  

Water flow programmer, capacity 2.2m³/h

Our battery operated irrigation timer is easy to program with the possibility of different programs for different days and up to four irrigations per day. Irrigation times from 1 minute to 24 hours. Also manual irrigation. Clear LCD screen. Connects directly to the tap via a 20mm threaded connector.

The Rain Bird hose end timer type ZEHTMR digital is the basic tool for automatic watering that you can install in your garden. Just connect one end of the timer to the tap and the other to your hose inlet and program the timer.

Technical data
Connection: female threaded nut x male thread
Material: plastic
Size: ¾"
Battery: 2x AA batteries
Maximum temperature: 43°C

Extra large readable screen and programmable steering wheel make it easy to set up and review your irrigation programs.
In operation, the screen also shows program status, e.g. the next scheduled cycle and the time remaining for a current cycle.
Advanced features include programming up to two watering times per day for all days of the week, plus the "water now" and "cancel" buttons to overwrite programs as soon as desired.
Ideal for use with Rain Bird's drip or nozzles. Works together with your irrigation everywhere on your land: gardens, newly sown lawns and established lawns.

Digital settings allow customized programs for greener results with less water.
Scheduled irrigation up to twice a day causes water to penetrate, even on slopes or in clay soils.
Programming per week helps with water usage.
The Quick Override Buttons Rain Delay (Cancel Watering)  and Water Now (Manual Watering).
Specific water delays up to 96 hours can also be set without affecting the stored program.
Large screen allows you to get an overview of all settings. 
  • Made of impact-resistant plastic
  • 20mm threaded clutch
  • Hose connection via quick connection
  • Clear LCD screen
  • 4 irrigations / day
  • Working water pressure: 1 bar (minimum) 6 bar (maximum)
  • Working temperature: Store frost-free
  • Maximum temperature: 43 ° C
  • Program for different days
  • Low battery indicator
  • Uses 2x1.5 V AA alkaline batteries (not included)

  • Water flow programmer, capacity 2.2m³/h
    Art. nr.
    Water flow programmer, capacity 2.2m³/h 
    70.00 EUR
    70.00 EUR
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