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Climate Computer Belux  

Climate Computer Belux
Climate computer used for climate and irrigation systems. By choosing our systems you have a great opportunity to expand your system afterwards. The reason is Bellux 200, after which you build on by expanding programs or modules depending on how many departments you wish to control.

For further monitoring, We have an intermediate module that transfers the information to a regular computer. A computer program takes care of climate control.

The foundation of this system is the Bellux200, you can then build upon your system by adding expansions or extra modules to your set up, thus giving you the opportunity to expand your operations at a later date.

High quality, fast and easy-to-use PC
Customizable, easy to adjust and develop
Long Distance Service
Automatic data storage.
Customizable, easy to adjust and develop
Graphical and numeric information directly on the screen
Storage of reuse configurations
Easy to calculate the average
Good alarm and warning signs
Easy-to-use word processor
Electronic notation block
Possibility of printing information
We have long experience of climate control and can offer the full range of complete solutions.

It should be noted that this is a Swedish system, therefore you can easily monitor and control your harvesting needs using the Swedish language.

As we are always ahead of system development, we can offer you the latest technology! Take the opportunity.

We are always a step ahead in systems development and we can offer you the latest technology. Contact us now to see what we can do for you and your needs!

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