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Green mower clip width 152cm

Green mower clip width 152cm

Green mower clip width 152cm

The Baroness LM315 is the green clipper that provides unique distributors with its mechanical hybrid operations first of its kind. The green clipper uses power cables to drive their cylinders, the method is proven for a 20 year time, a method that will not stop using it because it more or less eliminates the risk of hydraulic leakage on the greens.

With the LM315GC green cutter, the cutting quality is increased on the greens and with an adjustable groomer, a more even ball roll is achieved. The machine is equipped with an easy-to-use electronics that makes it one of the most reliable machines in its class.

Because the unit is not dependent on the engine, you will have the same cylinder speed regardless of how the green looks or how long you use the machine. Choose between the high and low speed of the cylinder speed depending on what job you are doing with the green cutter.

You can choose how aggressively you want to go to the lawn with the help of the adjustable stools, all to get a superb finish. With the adjustable groomers you can easily choose which direction the groomers should rotate without any hassle-free tools.

When it's damp in the grass and the machine should start spinning on a tire, the 3-wheel drive automatically enters to minimize damage to the grass. Of course, you also have the added benefit of a reliable Kubota diesel engine.

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The cable-driven cylinders reduce the risk of hydraulic hose failure.
The groom is adjustable for both forward and backward rotation.
The chair is specially adapted for comfortable and comfortable workout.
Supplied with hydraulic power steering.
Uses cable rails that reduce the risk of oil leakage.
Use of Grammer as chair, which gives all users comfortable work position.
Supplied with hydraulic power steering.
An LED light comes on for visibility when the lawn mower is placed in its cutting mode.
Optional accessories rotary brush for rear rollers, nails, dethatcher and stationary brush units.

Technical data
Cutting width: 152cm
Cutting height: 2-20mm
Drive: 2/3 WD
Engine: Kubota 21 hp diesel
Speed: 0-15 km/h (forward) / 0-6 km/h (backward)
Total length: 210cm
Total width: 173cm
Total height: 141 cm
Body weight: 556kg
Weight: 631kg





  • Green mower clip width 152cm
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    Green mower clip width 152cm
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