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Ground cover MyPecks VICONA 4.20x100 m  

Ground cover MyPecks VICONA
MYPECKS VICONA black plastic ground cover weed mat strong and durable UV stabilized fabric that provides an effective barrier against weeds, while providing a good basis for release and cultivation. Ground mat smothers weeds and drains off excess water.

Prevents growth of weed.
Prevents use of farm chemical and hence good for earth and environment.
Assures our body health by eating healthy earth products.
Exceptional toughness and strength.
Durable, tear-resistant, will not rot or mildew.
Lightweight, easy to install, follows natural ground contours.
Ideal for use in garden, flower greenhouse, fruit garden, landscaped beds, under decks and walkways.

Good tensile strength .
Excellent fiber distribution.
Light weight.
Water-Air permeable.

  • Ground cover MyPecks VICONA 4.20x100 m
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    Ground cover MyPecks VICONA 4.20x100 m
    205.00 EUR
    205.00 EUR
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