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Insect killer 20W and 40W

Insect killer 20W and 40W
Effective for Mosquitoes, Flies and Pest Insects

Electric insect killers are very effective to kill all insects that fly and crawl.The insects die immediately without suffering.Electric insect killers are a completely non-toxic way to solve the fly problem, and the handling of the dead insects is hygienic.

Electric fly traps consist of a high voltage mains cage.The insects are attracted into the traps with UV light.An insect is killed directly when it enters the trap between electrically charged metal wires with positive and negative poles.

A very effective way to reduce insect numbers of flies, mosquitoes, brakes.High voltage is not dangerous for humans, but contact with the wires can feel uncomfortable.

360° complete range with issued 365nm ultraviolet light wave to attract mosquitoes.
UV mosquito tubes can be used to achieve 8000hours.

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