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Irrigation gun Funny 28° 5mm  

Irrigation gun Funny 28° 5mm
Irrigation gun Funny Sprinkler is constructed with a heavily cast aluminum body, brass drive and brass lower swing joint. Features include adjustable stops for full or partial circular coverage, an adjustable flow flow pattern switch and a quick-change nozzle, all supported by a 1" female standard pipe connection.

This model is excellent for general irrigation and contains a set of nozzles included to accommodate 6 to 26 gallons per minute. These sprinklers can also be mounted stationary on risers in different settings for agricultural irrigation, nursery applications, dust control.

Technical data
Pressure: 1.5-4kg / cm²
Jet length: 12.5-16.5 m
Capacity: 20-32l / min
Coverage area: 490-854m²
Rainfall: 2.4-2.2 mm / h
Coupling Diameter: 1" R25
Weight: 0.74 kg
Dimensions: 57x28x26 cm



  • Irrigation gun Funny 28° 5mm
    Art. nr.
    Irrigation gun Funny 28° 5mm
    70.00 EUR
    70.00 EUR
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