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pH-digital meter
(Instrument panel)

Digital pH meter
The pH meter is designed for maximum ease of use. The meter has an automatic temperature compensation, which means that it always provides a quick and accurate measurement. The Controller display clearly shows the value of pH, temperature (°C) or mV. The measuring instrument is delivered with a combined pH electrode and a probe for the measurement of temperature and temperature compensation. When measuring the substrate, it is recommended to dissolve in distilled water 50-50.

Technical data
Measuring range pH: 0.00-14.00 pH
Accuracy: ± 0.01 pH
Resolution pH: 0.01 pH
Measuring range mV: 0- ± 1999 mV
Accuracy mV: 0.1 mV ±%
Resolution mV: 1.0 mV
Temperature measurement range: 0-100°C
Temperature accuracy: ± 0.4°C
Temperature resolution: 0.1°C
Display: 4 digits
Battery: 1 PCs 9V Excl
Battery life: approx. 50 hours
Working conditions: temperature 0-50°C, max humidity 95%
Dimentions(Lxwxh): 180x83x46 mm
Calibration: 1 or 2 calibration points
Temperature compensation: automatic
  • pH-digital meter<br />(Instrument panel)
    Art. nr.
    pH-digital meter
    (Instrument panel)
    117.00 EUR
    117.00 EUR
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