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pH instrument electronic

pH instrument electronic
Hand tools to ensure growth. An instrument that reads and indicates irrigation, temperature, brightness and pH value. pH is important for the well-being of all plants and your lawn. Some plants grow better in slightly acidier soil, a bit better in more alkaline soil.

With this earth meter you can check in your home, garden, kitchen garden, lawn, potted plants and cultivation whether the soil is suitable for a particular plant. The device for measuring growth conditions for all types of plants indoors and outdoors.

You can also check the moisture in the soil, temperature and intensity of sunlight using this instrument. This pH soil / peat meter can be especially useful in lawn care in planning the soil conditions in different parts of your garden and finding the right fertilizer.

Poor spots in the lawn can cause slight drainage (wet soil, test moisture), too much or too little acidity (test pH) or at the wrong light level. Supplied without battery.

Technical data
Battery: 9V (not included)
Dimensions (LxBxH): 315x60x40 mm
Weight: 110gram
Resolution / Accuracy: ph 0,5ph, temperature 1°C
Certification: RoHS and CE
Carton Size (LxBxH): 350x80x60 mm
Weight in box: 225gram

  • pH instrument electronic
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    pH instrument electronic
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