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Protective paint reflex ReduCoat  

Protective paint reflex ReduCoat
When used in its undiluted form, ReduCoat is outstanding paint, used for protecting horticultural plastics from premature deterioration in places where plastic comes into contact with metal construction tubes. The paint is also suitable for covering metal parts coming into direct contact with plastic.

Pigment provides the paint with high covering and heat reflecting capacities
Will not harm the crop
Fully acrylic binding agent makes the paint extremely resistant to UV deterioration
Adheres perfectly to horticultural plastic films
Contains no organic solvents or other components that can harm plastic or crop
Is water-based and thus environmentally friendly
Economical in use

Directions for use:
Remove any dust and dirt from the plastic surfaces.
Remove any rust or grease from the metal surfaces.
Stir before application and thin with water, if desired. Apply with a brush or roller.

The contents of a 5-litre pail will cover approx. 100 m²
or a 1000 m strip 10 cm width.
  • Protective paint reflex ReduCoat
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    Protective paint reflex ReduCoat
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