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A solvent-free, low-emission pipe paint for greenhouse horticulture. ReduPaint is very useful for application to heating pipes, used in horticultural installations. Since ReduPaint is 100% water-based, it emits practically no volatile organic substances.

Research carried out by AB-DLO (Agro-Biological and Soil Fertility Agricultural Research Department in Wageningen) has shown that ReduPaint does not damage sensitive plants when they are in the most vulnerable growing phases.

Because ReduPaint contains no organic solvents, the product is also safe for those using it, as well as being safe for the environment. ReduPaint is an economical, high-quality paint.

The paint dries quickly, provides a durable elastic finish and it is wear-resistant.

Advantages of ReduPaint
• Provides one-coat coverage and dries quickly with an elastic, non-insulating finish
• Extra heating after drying is no longer necessary
• Provides good durability
• Does not harm plants
• Is safe for people and the environment

Remove any dirt, grease or rust from the surfacethat is to be painted.
Water temperature in heatingpipes should be between 35-45°C
Stir ReduPaint before use
Apply with special ReduPaint roller or with a paint glove
Use water for cleaning up

For one layer, the contents of a 5 litres (1.3 gal.) paint-bucket will cover approximately 600 metres (2000 feet) of heating pipe with a diameter of 5 cm (2 inches), a 16 litres (4.2 gal.) paint-bucket will cover 2000 metres (6600 feet).

ReduPaint must be stored in a frost-free location.

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