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Rotary mower clip width 280cm

Rotary mower clip width 280cm

Rotary mower clip width 280cm

The GM2810 is equipped with five rock tires. They follow individually hilly terrain and slopes, giving an elegant surface. With a self-cleaning particle diesel filter, the mower becomes easy to handle.

The GM2810 with the sword-like knives gives you a cut of results you've just dreamed about, the knives are oil-cured and forged with the same technology that the Samurai used to use for their swords.

With the hard and sharp knives, you no longer need to dream about the perfect clip that GM2810 will give you. Not only does the fantastic result on the clip keep the knives sharp against 4 times longer than the other knives available on the market today.

With the amazing Traction Assist, the pressure on the paddles is released when needed to prevent spinning or stuck in inappropriate places on the golf course, even though the pressure is released from the units, the machine keeps the same cutting height as it is set.

Changing the cutting height of all 5 units takes ten minutes, making it easy to use in many areas with different cutting heights. With the swivel units, you will easily enter the units for cleaning, maintenance and adjustments without the amount of time wasted.

HST (Hydraulic Static Transmission) adjusts the speed for forward and reverse movements.
Easy to maintain.
No-step adjustment for cutting heights.
Optional sweeper.
The independent 27"(69cm) rotating deck follows the grass contours on the rolling terrain.
The high-speed motor is suitable for operation on the slopes.
Right and left brakes work independently of each other for precise maneuverability.
Lifting the mower for more than two seconds automatically stops the blade from rotating.

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Technical data
Total Length: 3700mm (370cm)
Total width: 3000mm (300cm)
Total height: 2300mm (230cm)
Weight: 2,080kg
Engine: Kubota V2403-CR-TE4b 4-cylinder water cooling diesel engine, 2.434L 43.2kW / 2400 rpm
Fuel tank: 51L
Cutting width: 280cm
Cutting height: 10-90 mm
Driving Speed: Transport Mode 0 ~ 16.0km/h (2WD) Reverse 0 ~ 9 km/h
Number of units: 5
Knife Size: 69cm (27")
Minimum radius gyration: 3.2m
Efficiency: 20,160m²/h (9.0km/h x width to work x 0.8)




  • Rotary mower clip width 280cm
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    Rotary mower clip width 280cm
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