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Solar powered insect killer portable  

Solar powered insect killer portable
The lamp is perfect for outdoor use and above all Camping!

The insect killer emits a high voltage which causes mosquitoes and over 200 types of insects to fall dead directly upon contact. The light is powered by solar energy through its solar panels, which are located on the top of the lamp.

The solar panel converts the sunlight into electrical energy into the rechargeable batteries during the day. It can also be connected with electricity and can be connected with an adapter.

Automatic powered by solar cell
Turns off automatically at night
Long life
Energy saving and environmental protection

Technical data
Input voltage 3.6V DC
Hz power 1.2W
Solar panel 1WP
Mosquito repellent wave 365nm
LED Effect 0.3W
Lighting power 0.3W / 25lm
Battery Capacity 1500mA
Grid voltage 3000V
Applicable area 30-80 square meter
Material stainless steel, ABS + acrylic
Solar charge time 5 hours bright light
Spending time 40 hours when the power is full


  • Solar powered insect killer portable
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    Solar powered insect killer portable
    36.00 EUR
    36.00 EUR
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