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Swingfog SN 50 Spraying equipment

Swingfog SN 50 Spraying equipment

Swingfog SN 50 Spraying equipment
Swingfog fogging machines run with regular grade gasoline (petrol) in accordance with the Swingfire principle. A fuel/air mixture is ignited in the combustion chamber and the deflagrations oscillate a column of gas in the resonator pipe between 80 and 110 times per second (depending on the type of machine). At the end of the resonator, the fogging mixture is 4-5 msec injected into the air stream emerging at high velocity, and is dispersed into fine aerosol droplets, which are distributed into an extensive, dense fog. Fuel and fogging mixture are conveyed by a small positive pressure in the tanks. The system has, with the exception of diaphragms, no moving parts and, therefore, practically no wear.

Swingfog SN 50
Portable machines, available with four types of chemical tank made of stainless steel or synthetic material (polyethylene)
The fuel tank is made of stainless steel
All metal parts coming into contact with the chemical are also made from stainless steel

Power supply – Power consumption
Electrical energy is only required to start the machines, it is not required for ignition during operation
The battery capacity is selected to match the power consumption of the magnetic valve of the automatic cut-off device

Technical data
Fuel chamber / power: 18.7 kW - 25.4 hp - 16100 kcal / h
Fuel consumption: 2 liters / h
Chemical tank: 6.5 liters
Consumption dosage: ,70.7 10l / h, ,80.8 14l / h, ,90.9 17.5l / h, (,01.0 20.5l / h included), ,11.1 23.5l / h h, ,21.2 27l / h, ,41.4 32l / h, ,71.742l / h
Sound level: 95 dB (A), with dimmer 90 dB (A)
Overpressure in fuel tank: about 0.08 bar
Dimensions: approx. 130x29x32 mm
Empty weight: 7.9 Kg

Typical droplet distribution generated by Swingfog
Our advantage: Using water-based fogging mixtures, together with the high performance fogging tube, an excellent droplet spectrum is achieved, which is usually only possible with oil-based mixtures.

Standard fogging tube for oil-based fogging mixtures

High performance fogging tube for water-based fogging mixtures (optional accessory). Using this device for the application of water-based fogging mixtures, an excellent droplet spectrum is generated, which is almost identical to that of oil-based mixtures. The high performance fogging tube must only be used for water-based fogging mixtures.

Using this special fog applicator, it is possible to direct the fog into the smallest of apertures in buildings or sewage systems, or to combat leaf-cutting ants in subterranean ant nests. The fog outlet is put directly into one of the ant nest entrances and the complete nest is saturated with fog. All models of SN 50 are available in a special “A” version and with automatic cut-off device for the fogging mixture.

Automatic, mechanically acting cut-off device for the fogging mixture.

Standard equipment supplied with every Swingfog machine
Spraying mixture funnel with strainer
Fuel funnel with strainer
Bag with tool kit and cleaning equipment
Set of spares, containing all important gaskets, O-rings and diaphragms
Set of dosage nozzles
Ear protection (2 sets)
Carrying strap (for SN 50 and SN 81 types only)
Instruction manual with operation, maintenance and repair instructions

Pest control in a grain store
Fog application in a greenhouse
Vector control
Plant protection in plantations
  • Swingfog SN 50 Spraying equipment
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    Swingfog SN 50 Spraying equipment
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