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Dosmatic Superdos doser 9 l/h to 10000 l/h  

Dosmatic Superdos doser 9 l/h to 10000 l/h
Dosage of medicines, vitamins, fertilizers, nutritional supplements, chemicals. Dosmatic a water-powered dispenser, with a unique dosing design. Its uniform dosage provides an optimum uniform mixing regardless of its water flow. 

Function Description
The water pipe is easily connected to the pump connections. The water then passes a first edge filter and further into the dispenser consisting of a gear mechanism which makes that the piston comes in motion. This function creates a suction in the metering unit that has adjustable metering. A suction hose with a bottom filter sucks up the stock solution from an external tank and then atomises it into its water flow. With optionally set value, the flow passes out through the opposite connection coupling.

Narrow profile design
A careful injection at all flow rates
Chemical Resistant
Simple external attitude adjustment
No electricity needed

Easy to use and maintain
Reduces costs 
Allows a wide range of chemical  use
Reduces the work with solution additives
Eliminates the need for electricity and extension cord

Dosmatic MDos works in flow from 9 l / h to 10000 l / h - Excellent for industry, animal production, outdoor or greenhouse cultivation but also for food or other type of use


Dosmatic Superdos

Dosmatic Minidos

Mobile dispenser / nutrient mixer

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