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Dosmatic Superdos30, 0.4-5% flow rate 9-6800 l/h

Dosmatic Superdos30, 0.4-5% flow rate 9-6800 l/h
The SuperDos operates without electricity to precisely inject liquid concentrates into a water supply line using fluid flow as the power source.The SuperDos is designed with a patented internal mixing chamber that promotes homogeneous mixing, while segregating harsh chemicals from critical internal components.This mid-high flow water-driven proportional injector offers an ideal alternative to traditional electric technology.

Narrow profile design
Accurate injection at all flow rates
Chemical Resistant
Simple external attitude adjustment
No electricity needed


Easy to use and maintain
Reduces costs
Allows a wide range in chemical use
Reduces the work with solution additives
Eliminates the need for electricity and extension cord

Technical data
Minimum flow 9 l/h
Maximum flow 6800 l/h
Minimum feeding ratio 0.4% 
Maximum feeding ratio 5%
PSI min/max 0.21 - 4.1 bar
Inlet/Outlet fittings 25mm bsp/25mm npt
  • Dosmatic Superdos30, 0.4-5% flow rate 9-6800 l/h
    Art. nr.
    Dosmatic Superdos30, 0.4-5% flow rate 9-6800 l/h 
    765.00 EUR
    765.00 EUR
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