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Ground cover Mypecks VICONA, TT®  

VICONA, TT® Ground cover MyPecks
A strong and durable fabric that povides a good base for ground, road construction, production and sales spaces, etc. The advantages of using ground cover are that it suffocates weeds, drains unwanted water and separates layers; it is both water and air permeable. 

VICONA ground cover creates safe growing conditions and production environments. It can increase sales revenue for professional growers and garden centres alike.  
VICONA ground cover can save you money and helps to create a safer growing environment for Outdoor plantations aswell.
Even if you cover bark or a single plant, VICONA 'Mypecks' ground cover will help to prevent weeds from growing.
While making shafts and fillings, VICONA 'Mypecks' ground cover can be used to separate layers. 
VICONA 'Mypecks' also has a longer lifetime.

Plant schools 
Garden center
Construction sites  
Park territories  
Road construction 
Church yards 

To use our special volume offer, please check the 'Mypecks' option.

We have VICONA 'Mypecks' ground cover in following sizes - 1.05, 1.65, 2.10, 3.30, 4.20 and 5.25 meters and roll length 100 meters.

Weight: 105 gram/m²

If you buy more than 1800m² the price will be 0,42 euro/m²
If you buy more than 3000m² the special price will be 0,39 euro/m², with combined delivery. 

UV-stabilised fabric has a stronger structure than fabric with 100gram/m². We provide higher quality products  at best market value, offering favourable prices to our customers. 

5 years UV-Guarantee

(We also have a 'budget model' which is 100gram/m², costing 0,35 euro/m², though we typically recommend that customers purchase the above product.)

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