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Ordering Process

Step 1: Custom or shipping calculation data is sent via e -mail.

Steg 2: Calculation of shipping costs are done.

Steg 3: The customer is informed that the order is ready

Steg 4: Order substrate with any shipping cost.

            Information: paid via Klarna Checkout

Steg 5: Delivered from Garden Technique stock

            The invoice is sent via Klarna to the default email address.

  1. Payment via Klarna (invoice or account).

  2. Direct payment via Klarna (note after obtained shipping price).

  3. Horticultural technology AB invoice (only for companies and Government agencies).

  1. Free shipping applies only on download

         ”I will arrange my own transport.”

  2. Shipping price prior to payment

        ”Shipping Calculation before the order is activated. You will receive shortly a shipping estimate before the order is activated. Our transport department has long experience and many transport choices available means that we can present a low shipping price. Shipping estimate is calculated on the weight, volume and location. This service we offer provides the benefits of a lower freight costs.”

  3. Shipping price separately in the after care

        ” Freight charges are separately added afterwards based on Gardening Technique favorable freight agreement.”

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